Chapter 155: White Paper

Chapter 155: White Paper

The sudden appearance and disappearance of the mysterious hand gave Su Chen quite a shock.

An instant later, however, he angrily slammed the Mountain-Beheading Blade into the ground. “Open for me!”


A blast of wild energy penetrated into the ground and exploded, causing the ground to crack as chunks of earth flew everywhere. The flat ground had immediately turned into a devastated crater.

No matter what kind of existence you are, if you dare steal something from me, then you must die!

As the energy dispersed through the ground, a white streak shot out like a beam of light. It was exceptionally fast.

“Trying to run? Stay here for me instead!”

Su Chen slashed his blade through the air.

Thunder boomed and lightning crackled.

Lightning was the fastest existence on the entire Primordial Continent.

The wild...

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