Chapter 154: Stone Forest (2)

Chapter 154: Stone Forest (2)

As the crystalline scorpion shattered, all of the stone beasts howled angrily in unison.

“It killed Laome!”

“How could it do that? Laome was so lovable. It never attacked anyone.”

“Laome, our pitiful Laome!”

“It was still small, and it couldn’t regenerate itself yet. But now it’s gone forever.”

“Revenge! Revenge! Revenge!”

The sheer volume of the yells and howls almost shattered Su Chen’s eardrums.

So the crystal hadn’t been the core of the forest, but rather a newborn of the forest. It was just a delicate newborn, a newborn that couldn’t even revive yet; was that why it had remained hidden in the forest and wasn’t willing to attack?

And he had destroyed it with a single Whitetower Teleportation and a Flaming Phoenix Theurgy Art?

This realization rendered Su Chen speechless.

Indeed, common sense wasn’t always reliable. The scorpion had seemed different from the other stone beasts,...

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