Chapter 153: Stone Forest (1)

Chapter 153: Stone Forest (1)


Su Chen spat out a mouthful of blood as he dragged his beaten body out of the forest. His clean white robe was now stained red with blood, and he was unable to maintain his previously even stride on top of the marsh’s surface. These injuries spoke to the difficulty of the battle he had just fought.

“Damn, I still looked down on that guy too much,” Su Chen said to himself as he walked out.

That old tree demon had absorbed flame energy for thousands of years, and its strength was shocking. Even though it had no way of moving, that didn’t mean there was nothing it could do against ranged targets. In the end, even though Su Chen had been victorious, it had come at a price.

Even so, Su Chen had still managed to claim the tree’s heart for himself.

He had no idea what this thing was. There were too many strange beings and items all throughout the Primordial Continent. If one found something...

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