Chapter 152: Marsh

Chapter 152: Marsh

The Silver Moon Shuttle arced through the sky, leaving a silver trail in its wake. At the end of this silver slash in the sky was a flock of Iron Lion Condors furiosuly flapping their wings, chasing after it.

Su Chen blew through ten or so high-tier Origin Stones before reaching the limits of the shuttle’s speed and finally shaking off the flock of condors. Afterwards, he landed the shuttle in a marshy patch.

“Damn! All I did was take a few strands of your Iron-Threaded Grass. Did you really need to spend that much effort chasing after me for a whole day?” Su Chen complained. If it weren’t for the fact that most of the beasts in this area had left to participate in the Beast Wave, Su Chen wouldn’t have been able to fly through the sky at all.

Iron-Threaded Grass was a kind of spiritual herb that could improve someone’s physical strength.

It wasn’t actually all that...

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