Chapter 151: Danba’s Scheme

Chapter 151: Danba’s Scheme

Shi Mingfeng’s cries of happiness gave everyone quite the shock.

At that moment, Shi Mingfeng didn’t even try to keep things hidden. He pulled out the Origin Disk and found that a small red dot was flashing on the disk’s side, and it was currently traveling in a certain direction.

“It’s Su Chen!” Night Demon also realized what the dot signified and cried out, “My luck really is pretty good.”

An instant later, however, the red dot suddenly jumped to the other side of the disk before disappearing.

“How come it disappeared?” Everyone was stunned.

“He left the effective radius of the disk again,” Shi Mingfeng replied.

Su Chen had obviously just been in the transmission radius a few moments ago, but before Shi Mingfeng could even try to contact him, he had left the transmission radius. Most likely, he had merely brushed past the outskirts of the transmission radius.

“Do you know where he went?” Astin asked anxiously.

“That way,” Shi Mingfeng said as he...

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