Chapter 150: Reaction

Chapter 150: Reaction

After leaving Li Chongshan and the others, Su Chen began heading towards the Beast Race’s territory.

Obviously, he couldn’t just walk in there directly, so he had to take a detour. If he went to the north, he would be walking straight into the heart of the Iron and Blood Country, where the Inferno Tribe resided. There was nothing Su Chen could do if he were to face off against the largest Ferocious Race tribe, so he had chosen to take the southern path instead.

The southern path lay facing human territory, and this was also where the Sand Gravel Tribe resided.

For Su Chen, his plan had always been to go to the south, but before the scheduled time arrived, he was not in any hurry to reach his destination. At this moment, he was heading towards the southern stretches of the Ferocious Race’s territory just so he could go further west later on.

However, he didn’t expect that taking this small...

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