Chapter 149: Covet

Chapter 149: Covet

The Beast Wave tore through the Ferocious Race’s territory like the plague ravishing the land.

Muliu Castle, Black Rain City, Iron City, Flowing Blood Tribe...... Place after place disappeared upon meeting the Beast Race’s onslaught. They were like an island in the middle of the ocean; once the ocean surged, it could only resign itself to a fate of being swallowed up.

This disastrous catastrophe was closely tied to Su Chen and the others’ movements, who had used the Silver Moon Shuttle to assassinate the guards at border outposts. As such, information spread very slowly, and the Ferocious Race didn’t have enough time to retreat. This made the Beast Wave’s destructive power wreak unprecedented devastation on the Ferocious Race.

Three days before the Beast Wave arrived, a total of twenty-six beacon-guards were ambushed, and all of them suffered tragic fates. It wasn’t until three days later that a few...

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