Chapter 148: Beast Wave (3)

Chapter 148: Beast Wave (3)

Muliu Castle.

A group of Ferocious Race soldiers paced the walls of the castle on guard. They were not doing so in an orderly manner like most humans would, but these tall Ferocious Race individuals had their own way of being on guard.

The old soldier Gonko glanced approvingly at his soldiers and yelled, “Everyone, make sure to focus. The humans are jumping around as they please in our territory. The most recent news indicates that they are now in the central region, and no one knows when they will appear. If you don’t want to die, open your eyes and don’t let any humans get close.”

“If those humans come, we’ll eat them alive!” one of the Ferocious Race soldiers howled in response.

“Muliu Castle isn’t a small town. Those humans won’t be able to piss all over us.”

“That’s right!”


The Ferocious...

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