Chapter 147: Beast Race (2)

Chapter 147: Beast Race (2)

Once the plan was set in place, the Heavenly Might Battalion’s movements began to grow at an even more unrestrained pace.

They withdrew most of their lower-level soldiers and only left behind a few small groups of elites that began to aggressively target Demonic Beasts and furiously attack them. They hunted these beasts relentlessly and harvested their Origin Crystals. At the same time, they sent experts to assassinate nearby Ferocious Race individuals, not giving them the opportunity to discover and report what was going on.

Without question, these activities were greatly aggravating the Beast Race, and groups of Demonic Beasts showed signs of gathering together.

In just two days, at the border of the middle of the Ferocious Race’s territory, a horde of Demonic Beasts were howling nonstop.

The human army didn’t have the ability to hunt any longer, because they were now facing a dense crowd of beasts that stretched...

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