Chapter 146: Beast Wave (1)

Chapter 146: Beast Wave (1)

Li Chongshan sat in the main tent, rubbing his head.

He had the beginnings of a headache.

They had stayed in the middle region for some time now and hunted quite a few Vicious Beasts. All the while, the Heavenly Might Battalion’s soldiers were making breakthroughs one after another, and their overall strength was increasing at a lightning-fast speed. More and more Soul Armaments were also produced with every day that passed, and today half of Blue Mountain Company possessed these powerful variant Origin Tools.

Even so, there were problems that naturally occurred exactly because of all this progress.

The extended period of beast hunting that had gone on had alerted the Beast Race and caused them to respond and begin moving.

The Beast Race were not idiots. Once they reached the Demonic Beast level, they would gain some intellect, and hunting them repeatedly would stimulate them into responding accordingly.

All this...

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