Chapter 145: Exchange

Chapter 145: Exchange

“What? You’re sending me to the Ferocious Race’s territory? Why?” Night Demon yelled in outraged as she shot daggers with her wide eyes.

Shi Minfeng laughed. “Su Chen is currently in the Iron and Blood Country and just found the Heavenly Might Battalion, and is in the process of dragging them out of the mud. Right now, even though the Heavenly Might Battalion hasn’t left the Iron and Blood Country yet, their circumstances have drastically changed. Those Ferocious Race individuals are losing control of the situation.”

“So how does this concern me?”

“The borders between the Ferocious Race and the human race are still locked down, and even though the Heavenly Might Battalion is still alive, it is still difficult a feat for them to leave. As such, they will probably be engaged in a long-term battle. Do you know what this means?”

Night Demon shook her...

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