Chapter 144: Sold Out (2)

Chapter 144: Sold Out (2)

Within the main tent, Danba sat quietly, but waves were churning deep in his heart.

Su Chen!

He was able to supply an eight thousand-strong army all by himself?

If it weren’t for the fact that Astin had sworn repeatedly that he was telling the truth, Danba might not have believed him.

He had harshly interrogated Astin repeatedly until he was finally able to confirm that Astin had really told him all that he knew. Only then did he finally stop asking.

“So you mean that he came here just to save his Instructor Shi Kaihuang? And his wealth came from selling his technique for reaching higher cultivation realms for cheap? And he has at least a billion Origin Stones now because of it?”

“Yes,” Astin replied. “Actually, I didn’t dare believe it myself when I first heard it either. However, this matter...

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