Chapter 143: Sold Out (1)

第一百四十三章 出卖(上)

Chapter 143: Sold Out (1)

Heavenly River Ancient Road.

Danba was sitting inside his tent, flipping back and forth through the reports he had received with his eyebrows furrowed.

“Strange. Something feels wrong about this, but what?”

Kubrick, who was standing to the side, asked, “Young Chief, what is so strange?”

Danba tapped the dossier in his hands and said, “The Heavenly Might Battalion has been stuck in the Blood and Iron Country for quite some time now. In theory, their forces should have run out of rations a long time ago. Even though they ransacked and pillaged many different villages, we can infer from the reports that most of their energy was spent trying to collect resources to build those land boats, which negatively impacted the number of rations they were able to collect. According to my estimates,...

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