Chapter 142: An Important Breakthrough (2)

Chapter 142: An Important Breakthrough (2)

“The lotus is a hundred percent formed now. Indeed, I’ve succeeded,” Su Chen muttered to himself.

Within the Sea of Qi in his body, a stable Lotus Platform had appeared there, glowing brilliantly with an enchanting light.

This was precisely the most important requirement for reaching the Light Shaking Realm: forming a Lotus Platform.

Lotus Platforms were actually a representation of an Origin Qi Scholar’s use of Origin Energy reaching the peak. At that point, the Origin Energy in their body would congeal and transform, taking the shape of a Lotus Platform and resonating with the cultivator’s physical body. After their initial formation, they then became important bridges for controlling Origin Energy.

After an Origin Qi Scholar successfully formed their Lotus Platform, their ability to use Origin Energy would improve tangibly and even change in its fundamental essence.

This kind of change was directly represented by the density of their Origin Energy.

Before forming their...

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