Chapter 141: An Important Breakthrough

Chapter 141: An Important Breakthrough

Withered Leaf Gorge.

While Iron Cliff was still racking his brains over how he could convince the Cliff Race at Hurricane Canyon, the Heavenly Might Battalion had already advanced to the Withered Leaf Gorge.

This place was next to the western stretch of the Blood and Iron Country. Because they needed to hunt a ton of Demonic beasts, the Heavenly Might Battalion had taken a detour here as it also bordered the Beast Race’s territory, meaning that Demonic Beasts ran rampant here.

Unlike humans who knew how to tame Demonic Beasts, the Ferocious Race had no knowledge and no need to do so. And since there was no demand for them, large numbers of beasts would enter this territory every year.

Another difference compared to the human territory was that instead of being a natural stronghold, the western stretches of the region were completely...

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