Chapter 140: Hurricane Stoneskins (2)

Chapter 140: Hurricane Stoneskins (2)

Iron Cliff ended up staying in Hurricane Canyon — before he completed Su Chen’s mission, he wouldn’t leave.

Hadley also demonstrated rare generosity towards Iron Cliff — actually, there wasn’t really much to demonstrate here. The most valuable thing in Hurricane Canyon were the Stoneskins themselves.

The Stoneskins here had dug many caves throughout the canyon, and most of the time they stayed inside those caves.

There were many caves, so there was no shortage of places to live.

Iron Cliff had chosen a cave at the very bottom and was temporarily staying there. After having been cut at by the wind for nearly a whole day, Iron Cliff sighed with relief upon entering the cave.

He was just about to lie down when a few small Stoneskin children appeared near the entrance of his...

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