Chapter 139: Hurricane Stoneskins (1)

Chapter 139: Hurricane Stoneskins (1)

Inside Hurricane Canyon.

This area was an offshoot of the Limestone Mountain Range and was physically close to both the Ravager and human race’s territories. It also didn’t overlap with either the Danger Crater or the dangerous void ruptures in the area.

Because this area was prone to hurricanes, there was very little vegetation and much more rubble in the landscape. For as far as the eye could see, the land was desolate and littered with chunks of limestone scattered randomly. This barren scene was the reason why the Limestone Mountain Range was called such, and Hurricane Canyon was named after the natural disasters that often frequented it.

A climate like this was naturally not suited for any lifeforms to live in. This area was another no-man’s land, and nobody in at least a thousand kilometers in any direction lived there...

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