Chapter 138: Playing Second Fiddle

Chapter 138: Playing Second Fiddle

With the Immaculate Cultivation Technique, the Heavenly Might Army’s movement policies had changed — there was much more of an emphasis on killing Vicious Beasts and Demonic Beasts now.

Hunting beasts not only increased their available rations, but it also decreased the amount of time before their soldiers broke through.

As such, the Heavenly Might Battalion was filled with excitement.

This was the first time that they had experienced happiness while behind enemy lines.

Ever since they had entered the Ferocious Race’s territory, they had been constantly under attack. At the time, they all felt like they were about to suffocate under immense pressure. There were even a few soldiers who although they didn’t die in battle, couldn’t handle the pressure and had actually chosen to commit suicide.

Li Chongshan and the others had racked their brains to try and decrease the pressure on the soldiers.

However, they needed to scour...

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