Chapter 137: Immaculate Cultivation Technique

Chapter 137: Immaculate Cultivation Technique

“......Very good. The water is boiling now. Prepare to add the Vicissitude Grass...... No, that’s too much. A bit less...... A bit less...... Alright, put it in the blending vessel now and prepare to stir......”

As he stood in front of the main tent, Su Chen directed the soldiers on how to prepare the medicines needed to create the Hemolytic Totem.

Even though he had already given them the recipe, creating it on such a large scale while producing ten or more vials at a time was quite difficult. As such, Su Chen needed to watch from the side and provide pointers from time to time.

The increase in calculatory ability provided by the consciousness crystal to Su Chen had greatly improved his ability to analyze situations, and he didn’t feel encumbered at all by large quantities of numbers. If he could make one vial of medicine, then he could make a whole cauldron, and if the conditions were...

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