Chapter 135: Use of Consciousness Crystals

Chapter 135: Using Consciousness Crystals

On a weedy slope.

The Heavenly Might Battalion had set up camp at this strange area. Apart from a few groups of soldiers who were on guard duty, most of the soldiers had fallen asleep.

Su Chen was one of the few people who couldn’t fall asleep. His consciousness power made it so that he rarely needed to sleep. If need be, he could go ten days and nights without sleeping and be completely fine.

Within his tent, Su Chen played with the consciousness crystal in his hand and stared at it intently.

As he did so, the consciousness crystal glowed stably in his hands, and strange images gradually began to appear on its surface.

“How interesting! It can resonate with my will and I can project my will upon it.”

“It’s a consciousness crystal, the physical manifestation of consciousness...

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