Chapter 134: Spiritual Energy (2)

Chapter 134: Spiritual Energy (2)

What a shocking improvement, Su Chen thought to himself.

All he had done was absorb the remaining consciousness energy from a broken Spirit Race individual, but Su Chen’s consciousness energy had still increased by six hundred units. This was really something else.

Apart from the increase in his consciousness energy, the Spirit Race individual had also passed along its knowledge. Unfortunately, because of its self-destruction, its memory had been fragmented, and most of the information was incomplete.

However, that wasn’t a big deal. To Su Chen, the fragmented memories were not a problem. He was quite confident that he would be able to fill in the gaps. Actually, a lot of this information was about consciousnesses, and it supplemented his weak points and opened his eyes. Many things that he wasn’t clear about in the past had suddenly become clear to him.

The Spirit Race’s will and body were combined. Once the Spirit Race’s will was exterminated, their spirit body would disappear...

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