Chapter 132: Spiritual Energy (1)

Chapter 132: Spiritual Energy (1)

Upon passing through the flower garden, Su Chen found himself in a stone room.

He entered the stone room and found that it was filled with the fragrance of a variety of medicinal herbs.

Su Chen immediately knew that this was the Divine Shrine’s alchemy building.

The Divine Shrine’s alchemists were a bit different from human alchemists —- the way they refined medicine was by gathering the materials, then using the most primitive way to break them down into a medicinal powder, which they used to achieve the desired effect.

This was a very low-level way of using medicines. Humans could basically overlook this technique.

However, this didn’t mean that there was nothing to be gained from the Divine Shrine’s alchemical area. They had been making medicine for tens of thousands of years, and they had developed...

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