Chapter 131: Ancestor (2)

Chapter 131: Ancestor (2)

These eighteen skulls seemed simple, but in actuality each one of them was special and had their own unique abilities.

Cheng Tianhai’s battleaxe slammed into the skull construct. If he had slammed it into the construct’s head, it would deflect off, and if he slammed it into the body, the construct dissolve into black smoke before reforming. The construct’s attacks weren’t easy to deal with either, as the weapon it wielded was also made from the black smoke. Not only did it have ethereal properties, but it would also corrode anything it touched even if it collided with a barrier.

Cheng Tianhai was hit by one of its attacks, and his iron-like skin actually began to rust and turn copper-green. His powerful body was actually as weak as a baby’s against these skulls, shocking him quite badly in his heart. He yelled, “This damned...

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