Chapter 130: Ancestor (1)

Chapter 130: Ancestor (1)

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!

A number of shadows darted towards the chieftain in midair one after another, as well as the powerful existence hiding in the shadows.

Following a thunderous boom, multiple figures flew into motion, illuminated by the lightning and flames.

Styma howled angrily because he now had two additional opponents to deal with.

Shi Kaihuang and Jun Moxie.

The three of them attacked Styma at the same time, causing the situation to immediately shift.

This was something that Li Chongshan had anticipated far in advance.

In terms of pure power, Li Chongshan wasn’t weaker than Styma.

However, in terms of combat style, Li Chongshan couldn’t possibly fight as boldly and unrestrainedly as Styma. The Ferocious Race were natural warriors and didn’t know what exhaustion was when they started fighting, as if they had a endless supply of energy. Most...

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