Chapter 128: Siege (2)

Chapter 128: Siege (2)

Aurora City was high on the list of Ferocious Race cities in terms of pure defensive prowess.

Even though it wasn’t as iron-clad as Flowing Gold Fort, Aurora City also had its own defensive system. There were many defensive Origin Formations scattered throughout the city, as well as many Thunderfire Crossbows that were specifically used to target attackers from long-range.

Even so, these defensive strategies were meant to be used against enemies outside the city walls. Once they managed to sneak into the city, the only line of defense left was the soldiers themselves.

The Ferocious Race soldiers, who had lost quite a bit of territory, didn’t panic. They charged forwards boldly, waving their blades in the air. Some didn’t even bother putting on body armor, deciding to do battle with just their weapons.

Even so, bravery couldn’t win against cold steel, and fearlessness...

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