Chapter 127: Siege (1)

Chapter 127: Siege (1)

Crimson Army Peak, Aurora City.

This city was located in the western stretches of the Permafrost Wastelands, and it belonged to the Shivering Chill Tribe.

The Shivering Chill Tribe was a large tribe that had historically dominated the Permafrost Wasteland. During the height of their power, they were strong enough to fight for control over the whole Blood and Iron Country. Even though they had never sat on the throne before, they were constantly very close to the top throughout the tens of thousands of years of Ferocious Race history.

Even now, they were an extremely strong tribe in the Permafrost Wasteland.

Aurora City was the ancient home of the Shivering Chill Tribe.

According to Su Chen’s plan, Aurora City was a checkpoint that absolutely needed to be taken. This was because the Extremity Ice Wolf Origin...

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