Chapter 126: Forced Conscription

Chapter 126: Forced Conscription

The blade carefully ran across the skin’s surface, causing fresh blood to spurt out and spill all over the table.

A pair of nimble hands quickly snuck into the body, pulling out an intact heart.

Even though Chu Yingwan had killed many Ferocious Race soldiers before, she was still not yet used to this scene. She frowned and said, “I don’t understand what benefits this could possible have.”

“The Ferocious Race have two hearts, which allows their bodies to output immense amounts of power. However, power doesn’t just come from one’s hearts……They obviously have one extra heart, but their power is much greater than ours, by over twice the amount!” Su Chen replied with a slight smile.

After meeting up with the Heavenly Might Battalion, the Ferocious Race captives were no longer as useful. As such, Su Chen continued to unsparingly perform research on...

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