Chapter 125: Heavenly River Ancient Road

Chapter 125: Heavenly River Ancient Road

The vast Limestone Mountain Range was located in the western region of the Primordial Continent. To its south was the Crimson Bone Gorge, the north the Windrain Gorge, and the west the Vanishing Dragon Territory; overall, it was a place that sat at the intersection between the Beast Race, Ferocious Race, and Human Race’s territories.

The Limestone Mountain Range wasn’t originally a mountain but rather a spacious, empty plain. However, during the Arcana Kingdom’s reign, the Arcana Kingdom and the Beast Race had fought here countless times. Both sides had used all kinds of different tactics, including myriad terraforming Ancient Arcana Techniques, which blotted out the sun and moon while transforming mountains and rivers, turning mountains into plains, plains into ravines, and wastelands into mountain ranges.

The Limestone Mountain Range had been no exception. It was formed...

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