Chapter 123: Reunion (1)

Chapter 123: Reunion (1)

Western Smoke Peak.

This place was to the west of the Halma Forest and had been known for its high rate of ore production. Nearly eight hundred years ago, the mine here had been completely emptied, causing the Western Smoke Peak to be abandoned. Now, it was a place that no one visited.

After a day’s journey, the Heavenly Might Army came to this place and started fires to begin cooking.

They had been on the run for many months, and it was their first time in a long time eating a full meal.

“I never would have expected Prince Su to resolve this issue that was giving us such a bad headache,” Li Chongshan sighed as he gazed at the scene of his soldiers cooking.

No one expected Su Chen to have so many rations on him. Su Chen had brought enough to feed eight thousand soldiers for a few months; that would...

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