Chapter 121: Retreat (1)

Chapter 121: Retreat (1)

Su Chen’s words made Li Chongshan and the others pause.

They had finally realized what kind of mistake they had made. Yes, they were truly planning on infiltrating through the territory of an Origin Beast.

Actually, they themselves didn’t have the confidence to say that they would pass this test for sure. Any small deviation from the plan could result in its complete failure.

Under these kinds of circumstances, their opponents didn’t even need to send a large army to ambush them. They just needed to send a small group of soldiers who were unafraid of death to the Death Region and station them there.

Li Chongshan and the others could easily imagine what would happen as soon as the Heavenly Might Army entered the Death Region on their land boats — for the cost of just a few lives, the Ferocious Race could purchase the extermination of the entire...

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