Chapter 120: Ambush

Chapter 120: Ambush

Even though he had known that Danba wasn’t a simple character, Su Chen hadn’t expected Danba to have undergone such a meteoric rise to power.

After hearing Shi Kaihuang and the others’ explanations, Su Chen realized that Danba had been selected by Simotian to be a successor not long after returning from the Goldwater Ruins. Even though he had been defeated soundly there, all of the Ferocious Race youths who had gone in with him praised him and became his most loyal followers. Danba didn’t act arrogantly because of this; instead, he used his failure at the Goldwater Ruins as an excuse to create an image that he had no ability.

The three successors, upon determining that their opponent was weak, began to fight amongst each other. Danba took advantage of this opportunity to group up with the other two Divine Shrine successors and manipulate the chieftain’s successors into fighting one another. After defeating one, they teamed up to defeat the second. The third successor had...

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