Chapter 119: An Old Opponent

Chapter 119: An Old Opponent

The Cloud-Piercing Shuttle finally landed on the ground after circling around once.

As soon as Su Chen jumped out of the shuttle, he was greeted by Shi Kaihuang’s familiar face.

“Instructor!” Su Chen yelled with excitement.

Even though he had seen Shi Kaihuang while flying through the sky and had confirmed that he was still alive, Su Chen was still so excited that he felt like crying.

Shi Kaihuang grabbed Su Chen’s hand and stared at him intently, looking him up and down. Faint astonishment appeared in his eyes.

“Good, very good! Very good!” he said.

He didn’t ask Su Chen why he was here or how he had found this place. At this moment, he was just happy that he could see Su Chen again.

“Instructor, you don’t look so good,” Su Chen said as he glanced at his single eye and the empty sleeve.

“I was struck by the Gravel Lizard Tribe’s Ancestor, Simotian, with his Nightmare...

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