Chapter 117: Financial Suppression

Chapter 117: Financial Suppression

The thunder and flames mixed together wildly, before the combined plasma burst forth like an ocean wave.

“Assemble!” Shatan howled piercingly.

At this moment, he no longer had any intentions of underestimating Su Chen.

The remaining Ferocious Race soldiers retreated simultaneously, surrounding the Clairvoyant and standing together.

Their totems began to light up, forming something like a magic barrier. As they joined together, the Ferocious Race soldiers’ totemic light coalesced into a massive sphere of light, with arcane inscriptions swirling across the surface of the barrier.


The flaming phoenix slammed into the golden sphere of light. The flaming phoenix, which had been successful up until now, was actually unable to penetrate the golden circle of light. Sparks flew everywhere as the tiny flames dissipated.

However, the Thunder Blade immediately followed, slamming into the golden sphere and causing it to crack slightly.


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