Chapter 110: Dogfight

Chapter 110: Dogfight

In order to deal with this elbow, Su Chen was forced to retreat. The Mountain-Beheading Blade appeared in his hand, and he used it to intercept the path of the elbow jab.

The elbow slammed into the blade with a metallic clang.

How violently powerful.

The Ferocious Race individual continued pressing forward and unleashed a follow up kick.

Su Chen could now see the Ferocious Race individual’s appearance; he was quite youthful and had dark skin. His lip had a ring piercing, and his face was covered in inscriptions. His attacks were exceptionally vicious and fast, always coming one after another.

The Ferocious Race always fought like this. Most of the time, they simply attacked using their fists and feet in a seemingly basic pattern, but these attacks all contained an extremely frightening power behind them.


After Su Chen dodged to the side, the Ferocious Race soldier’s kick landed on a nearby boulder, which immediately shattered. He...

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