Chapter 109: Infiltrating the Barracks

Chapter 109: Infiltrating the Barracks

After nearly ten days of constantly flying, Su Chen finally arrived at the Bloody Wastelands.

He had encountered a number of Ferocious Race security checkpoints along the way, but with his disguising abilities, he was able to easily get through.

The other Ferocious Race individuals had long since submitted to his control. Not a single one rebelled against Su Chen’s tyrannical abuse, as the ones who did had already died.

However, once he reached the Bloody Wastelands, Su Chen ran into a problem — he didn’t know where the Heavenly Might Army had gone next.

The Heavenly Might Army had initially been at the Raging Flames Mountain when he left Leguha Castle.

However, they wouldn’t stay in the same place for ten days. Obviously, they had left a long time ago, even before Su Chen had known where they were.

This was because the news that the Ferocious Race received...

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