Chapter 107: A Mighty Invention

Chapter 107: A Mighty Invention

The battle on the plains started suddenly, and the end came just as quickly.

The flames receded and the hazy smoke faded. Only the female Ferocious Race individual was left standing. Though most of them had survived the battle, their hands and feet were broken and their bodies subsequently tossed to the side.

Su Chen slowly walked towards the female commander. “Based on your bone-divining techniques, I imagine you are an esteemed Ancestor. I had heard that there were bone diviners in the temple who can use simple ceremonies to scry with bones, but I initially thought that it was just a wild rumor. It seems now I was actually the ignorant one all along.”

The female drew her bone dagger and stared at him viciously.

“HA!” she yelled piercingly as she swung the bone dagger at Su Chen.

Su Chen casually reached for the opponent’s wrist. Originally, he was planning on grabbing...

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