Chapter 105: Secrets of the Illusion Realm

Chapter 105: Secrets of the Illusion Realm

The Ferocious Race’s taverns were incredibly simple and unrefined. The beds were weaved together from grass and covered with a beast hide.

This was the case regardless of the season.

Su Chen closed his eyes as he lay down on the grass bed. He activated the seal on the back of his hand and began to sink into the Dreamrealm.

This was a bit risky, but Su Chen had no other options. He absolutely had to obtain some precise information about the Heavenly Might Army. He hadn’t been able to get any from the wine tavern, so he could only try to find something in the Dreamrealm.

However, Su Chen immediately realized that something was wrong when he entered the Dreamrealm.

He was still in a garrison city, but it wasn’t the one he was in before. Instead, it was a small, rather desolate town. The space was not nearly as strange as the multicolored castle in the human realm. Instead, Su Chen was greeted by a vast expanse. And the moment he...

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