Chapter 104: Leguha Castle

Chapter 104: Leguha Castle

After leaving the Flowing Gold Fort and crossing the Goldwater River, one would arrive at the Harvey Plains.

The Ferocious Race had set up camp here in the beginning. They had been assaulted on all sides from the very beginning, and their territorial boundaries were was constantly in a state of flux. As such, the ownership of the Harvey Plains often changed hands.

Today, the Harvey Plains wasn’t a core area of the Ferocious Race’s territory anymore; instead, it was located in the southern area of the Iron and Blood Country. Past the Harvey Plains were the Permafrost Wastelands, the Blood Wastelands, the Halma Forest, the Black Flatlands, and many more geographical features and areas. As their names implied, even though most of these places were quite large, they were also quite barren.

Back when the Illustrious Divine Dynasty was driving the Ferocious Race back over and over,...

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