Chapter 103: Releasing the Hemolytic Totem (2)

Chapter 103: Releasing the Hemolytic Totem (2)

Even though they were still trying to persuade him, Su Chen was dead set on his decision.

Everyone eventually finally gave up after all their efforts had come to naught.

Even though they couldn’t monopolize the secret technique, the increase in strength it provided was very real, and it would absolutely save countless lives. As such, everyone was extremely respectful to Su Chen. When Su Chen mentioned that he wanted to buy a few military weapons, everyone agreed to make an exception and let him do so.

Military weapons were pretty uncommon. They might not increase a person’s individual strength directly by much, but they were exceptionally useful in large-scale fights.

Since Su Chen was going to go look for Shi Kaihuang, it was impossible for him to stock up too much. And even after this purchase, he still needed to strategically gather a few more resources.

After a few negotiations,...

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