Chapter 102: Releasing the Hemolytic Totem (1)

Chapter 102: Releasing the Hemolytic Totem (1)

Bang, bang, bang, bang!

Two soldiers were happily sparring with each other in a sand pit.

One of the two soldiers was tall while the other one was quite short. It was obvious that the shorter soldier wasn’t the taller soldier’s opponent, and he was driven back repeatedly. Just as it seemed like he was about to be knocked out of the ring, a bracelet on his body suddenly began to glow. Next, the shorter soldier suddenly exploded with a powerful burst of energy as he unleashed a punch. The taller soldier was immediately sent flying.

The taller soldier was enraged and wanted to counterattack, but the shorter soldier seized the moment to leap forwards, unleashing a lightning-quick barrage; punch after punch prevented the taller soldier from even making a move.

As the bracelets around his arms and legs began to glow brighter, the shorter soldier’s speed increased, as did his strength, culminating into a final blow that sent the taller soldier flying.

The onlookers broke out into a hubbub,...

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