Chapter 101: Root Cause

Chapter 101: Root Cause

Who had given the orders for the Heavenly Might Army to attack?

This was a question that Su Chen had been ruminating over for the past few days.

For the few thousand years that the Flowing Gold Fort had been around, they had rarely sent out attack expeditions. Their primary responsibility was to defend. But if they did attack, the main strategy was to counterattack with large forces in an effort to reclaim lost land, not sending out a single battalion to fight.

Even so, that was exactly how a branch of soldiers responsible for defending against the Ferocious Race was sent out into the Harvey Plains. No matter how Su Chen thought about it, it was strange.

This was why he had come looking for Xiao Feinan; it wasn’t to ask for reinforcements but rather to figure out what had happened.

Xiao Feinan fell silent for a moment when he was presented with Su Chen’s question. After a long time, he said, “Vice Commander Lin...

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