Chapter 100: Xiao Feinan

Chapter 100: Xiao Feinan

The Hemolytic Totem was probably Su Chen’s most practical invention.

Its greatest benefit was that it could directly increase a person’s strength in a simple and straightforward manner. The most significant drawback, however, was that once applied, there was no room for further improvement. As a person’s personal strength increased, the Hemolytic Totem would eventually be tossed aside in favor of something else, which was why it was only used on low-level cultivators. It was for this reason that Su Chen had never used the Hemolytic Totem on himself. He only used this skill as the basis to make Origin Conducting Tools like the Shadow Flame Glove.

Even so, it was still a very practical way to raise someone’s strength, and the critical point was that it was incredibly cheap and easy to make.

Cheap meant that Su Chen could manufacture it in very large quantities.

In a large-scale fight, practicality was the most important.

What would it...

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