Chapter 99: Rejuvenating Door

Chapter 99: Rejuvenating Door

If any force could exist as an intermediary to the five powerful races, it was most likely the remnants of the Arcana Race.

These unkillable ghosts of the Arcana Race wandered among the various races, their purpose unclear. They might just be trying to survive or they might be working towards the resurrection of their dreams. They roped in various host races and established bases of power all over the world, pulling the strings behind the scenes and creating chaos.

Unlike the relationship between the humans and the Arcana Race, the Ferocious Race embraced the remnants of the Arcana Race.

The Harvey Plains were quite desolate and devoid of resources, to the point that even provisions like food and weapons needed to be imported, and humans being expert craftsmen especially needed these resources. Of course, the Ferocious Race couldn’t go and purchase things themselves, so they could only do so...

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