Chapter 98: Flowing Gold Fort

Chapter 98: Flowing Gold Fort

At Flowing Gold Fort.

This fort, which had been around since the Illustrious Divine Dynasty, had around seven thousand years’ worth of history.

It was initially constructed during Emperor Ping’s rule and had been revived and abandoned many times afterwards. The first time it had revived was when Emperor Ping lost a lot of territory and the Ferocious Race took over. To deal with the Ferocious Race’s attacks, the Illustrious Divine Dynasty had established this fort.

Not too long after, the humans reclaimed some of the territory lost to the Ferocious Race. As their borders expanded, the Flowing Gold Fort gradually lost its purpose.

However, the Illustrious Divine Dynasty’s counterattack was like that of every dynasty’s final generation: the Ferocious Race retaliated very quickly, and the Flowing Gold Fort once again became an important pillar in defending the country.

After seven thousand years, the Flowing Gold Fort had gone through many such cycles, and every time it revived, it corresponded to...

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