Chapter 97: Reckless Purchasing

Chapter 97: Reckless Purchasing

The next morning, Su Chen left Swallow River City.

He left on one of the Flight Network’s Dragon Boats — and his trip was actually the inaugural flight. It was quite interesting that Su Chen was both the network’s inventor and its first guest.

The flight was set for Long Coiling City.

It wasn’t strange for the first flight to be headed for the capital of the country, and Su Chen was originally planning on going there anyways.

Once he arrived at Long Coiling City, Su Chen headed straight to the Flying Moon Workshop.

Cui Miaoling was there to greet him.

Even though it had been a few years, Cui Miaoling still had a very deep impression of Prince Su’s deep pockets. As soon as she saw him, she smiled and greeted him. “Prince Su, it’s been a few years.”

Su Chen cut right to the chase. “I’m here to buy a Cloud-Piercing Shuttle.”

“A Cloud Piercing Shuttle?” Cui Miaoling was taken aback....

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