Chapter 95: Forced Upon (2)

Chapter 95: Forced Upon (2)

“Let me go, you rascal, you dirty scoundrel!” Gu Qingluo pounded Su Chen’s back.

She possessed an Origin Beast Bloodline, and now that it had awakened, she was very powerful, to the point that even Su Chen wasn’t her opponent. However, when Su Chen embraced her, she felt her entire body go weak, and she had no way of resisting.

Su Chen brought her into a forested area, set up a pile of stones, and propped a few pieces of straw up amongst the stone pile to serve as incense. He lit them, then said, “With the Heaven as my witness, from this day forward, I, Su Chen, take Gu Qingluo as my wife. My love for her will not change until the end of time……”

He was originally planning on saying some sentiments like “til death do us part” and “we’ll grow old together.” But when he remembered that Gu Qingluo was about to leave him and that even having an extra day...

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