Chapter 94: Forced Upon (1)

Chapter 94: Forced Upon (1)

A young man stood behind Su Chen. He didn’t seem too old, perhaps he was in his thirties or so. However, from his expression and leisurely way of speaking, it was obvious that this person was at least of the same generation as their grandfathers.

The strength of someone who was able to appear behind Su Chen without alerting him was obvious.

Neither Su Chen nor Gu Qingluo had any plans of forcefully resisting.

Su Chen wasn’t a hot-blooded, impulsive youth. He knew that acting impulsively wouldn’t solve any problems; in fact, it usually only created problems.

As such, he stood up and said, “May I ask, are you the Dragon Envoy?”

The Dragon Envoy was a special title the Seven Kingdoms had created because of the Gu Clan. Dragon Envoys were specifically tasked with greeting people that had awakened the Shining Dragon Bloodline. Most of these politicians...

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