Chapter 93: Separation (2)

Chapter 93: Separation (2)

After thinking for a moment, Su Chen said, “I’m going to visit the Dreamrealm for a bit and see what the message is. Protect me, please.”

“Okay.” Gu Qingluo nodded.

Su Chen activated his Dreamrealm insignia.

Right after he entered, he saw the Dream Spirit Lulu flying towards him. “Aiyaya, you’re finally here. It’s been a long time since you’ve come to the Dreamrealm.”

“I’ve been a bit busy lately. Is something the matter?” Su Chen asked.

“There’s some information regarding your Instructor that I thought you wanted badly, but you didn’t come for so long that all I could do was remind you,” Lulu replied.

As Su Chen’s personal Dream Spirit, Lulu was authorized to collect information related to Su Chen. Like this, as long as there was something important he might be interested in, she would record it and set it aside or even remind Su Chen from time to time. If it was more...

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