Chapter 92: Separation (1)

Chapter 92: Separation (1)


The Lotus Platforms on his forehead shone brightly as light from them quickly congealed into a white lotus, blocking Gu Qingluo’s attack.

However, at the same moment that he defended himself, he heard Su Chen yell out, “Midsection!”

Gu Qingluo’s palm slammed into Zhou Yashan’s midsection.

Blood sprayed from Zhou Yashan’s body as he flew backwards. A slender, white hand reached out and snagged his body. This time, even seven Lotus Platforms wouldn’t be able to save him.

Five sharp fingers penetrated deeply into his body. Large amounts of Origin Energy flooded his body, paralyzing him and robbing him of any strength to fight.

Gu Qingluo’s voice boomed through the sky. “The situation now is simple. Either you die, or your son dies!”

“You......” Zhou Yashan...

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