Chapter 91: Instruction

Chapter 91: Instruction

As they exchanged blows, a ton of people began to pour out of the Zhou Clan. However, at this moment, Gu Yaoye, Gu Xuanchao, and the others all arrived on the scene as well.

When Gu Xuanchao saw Zhou Yashan and Gu Qingluo’s battle, he spoke up and said, “Father, I’ll try to persuade Qingluo to stop.”

Gu Yaoye sighed, “Forget it. Her heart is bent on vengeance and is filled with an intense anger that has to be vented before she can calm down. Let her fight and blow off all of her anger. This will be beneficial for her anyways.”

“But the Zhou Clan......”

“I’ll go toe-to-toe with Brother Zhou. Even though the Gu Clan is a Lord-Class Bloodline, we are nonetheless descendants of the Shining Dragon. Not just anyone can push us around. Since Zhou Qingkuang was willing to do something like that, he must pay the price.” As he spoke, Gu Yaoye flew down. His voice boomed towards the Zhou Clan courtyard, calling...

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